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We invite everyone to acquaint themselves with our best kept secret. Why not, it’s free! Take the time to understand the concept behind this new business model. Is it really new though? Yes and no. We are the innovators and pioneers of an old concept, with a new twist. Ponder this thought for a moment. Members of I do I don’t worldwide can benefit from yours or someone you may know who has gone through a life altering event, separation and divorce. You are a special niche of people who have experienced a common occurrence. You will be issued an exclusive platinum membership card with a unique member number. Our team is so committed to helping those in need, we have dedicated ourselves to growing organically and becoming the number one “go to” network, matching members with providers. Please join our growing membership base, spread the word and save money from our growing network of professionals and businesses. Remember, providers will guarantee members a discount on their fees from 10-40%. Our network is expanding, so take advantage. Separation and divorce discounts; it’s about time!

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