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Dawn Peters is a health and weight loss coach. She changes peoples lives: enabling them to loose weight, stop medications, and enjoy more energy and better health for the rest of their lives. Call (703) 217-8383


  • Lose weight
  • Get energized
  • Be healthier

Make your lifestyle habits work for you!

Get the Mind-Body Food Connection.

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  • No matter where you may find yourself now – I have the perfect, sustainable, real-life coaching solution to enable you to meet your goals.
  • Coaching options to suit all budgets, schedules, & locations (discounts to ‘I Do I Don’t Worldwide’ members)
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Join Dawn Peters, author, weight-loss expert, and healthy-foods chef to empower you how to create an environment for health & weight-loss success.

Naked Health’s coaching is a powerful and proven Mind-Body-Food solution that shows you how and why your lifestyle habits are fueling or failing you, your health, weight and energy. Dawn’s passion is for your success!

Dawn coach’s the lifestyle habits that create your weight, health and energy; namely food, hydration, sleep, exercise, and especially mindset.  She covers the essential and fundamental facts of how the body works, showing clients and audiences what and how these five main lifestyle habits are fueling or failing them, their health, weight and energy. She empowers them with the knowledge and tools to create a ‘lifestyle’ system that is for their life.

She has created the ‘Mind-Body-Food Success System’©  –  a series of 7 important steps every health/weight conscious person needs to apply to lose weight and keep it off, be healthy from the inside out, and exude energy all day long! Her approach focuses on the holistic mind-body-food connection – empowering people to rethink the role food, and their other lifestyle habits, plays in their lives. Focusing on real food: real health: real solutions, she shares authentic and powerful healthy eating and lifestyle traits.

Dawn’s coaching process is a powerful one that creates a ‘shift in consciousness’, and leaves people feeling empowered, equipped, and ready for action. People will go from ‘having’ to eat and be healthy, to ’wanting’ to eat and be healthy – because they simply get it! They get what their body needs, and why, and that will enable them to make healthier choices without even trying. The mindset is the key to success. They will create new habits that fuel them, and the powerful and positive affect will ripple into every other area of their lives!

Dawn changes lives! She does this with:

  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Speaking  opportunities
  • Health fairs
  • Events
  • Partnerships


Let Dawn, of Naked Health, empower you, or your team, with lifestyle habits that fuel you, your weight, health, and energy!  A year ago you’ll wish you had started today!

Live your best life NOW!



Dawn Peters is an International coach and personal development veteran, turned entrepreneur, mentor, and speaker. Her entertaining style and effervescent personality inspires and educates people to take charge of their health, by incorporating simple action steps into their daily lives!

Dawn has been coaching and speaking for over 20 years to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from corporations, health care professionals, groups and organizations, and the general public. Stemming from an educational background in Psychology, Therapeutic Massage, Nutrition, Cordon Bleu, and Personal Development – coupled with global travels – she recovered from years of yo-yo’ing in her own weight.

Dawn brings her personal story, powerful experiences and defining moments, her own ‘mindset shift’, years of education and constant research, and her real-life knowledge from around the world. Her coaching, programs and presentations are highly educational, motivational and effective. They are essentially coupled with her passion for health, fun and creativity, and, therefore, hugely beneficial to all who participate. Her goal is always to ‘educate, amuse & enrich’!

Health, Wellness, Weight-Loss, Lifestyle.
Advisor, Coach, Educator, Empowerment, Motivator, Support & Accountability Partner!

Dawn Peters

Whole Body Wellness & Weight-Loss Coach

Naked Health


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