Counties/States/Countries serviced by I do I don’t Worldwide

Currently we are growing in many towns/cities and counties in Virginia and New York.  Our grass roots effort is projecting tremendous growth throughout many cities, counties, and states becoming nationwide and ultimately worldwide.

Types of Services in the Network

Refer to the provider categories throughout this website.

Becoming a Provider in the Network

To enhance your competitive edge, our goal is to offer your business and practice Exclusive Provider Advertising. This unique and valuable business model will promote the following:

  1. Discounting your services from 10-40 percent is a long awaited scenario in the separation and divorce arena. Divorce statistics remind us that out of every one hundred first time marriages, half will end in divorce. This fact supports the need for your services. It’s a matter of supply and demand.
  2. Only 12 Providers per “Provider Category” will be invited to advertise and network in a specific county(s) and state(s). This arrangement will promote competition while maintaining quality and excellence in client services and client satisfaction.
  3. Individual providers will enjoy the benefit of a constant stream of new customers.
  4. Each professional will be held to a standard of best practices and outcomes within their profession.
  5. Each business will be held to a standard of delivering quality goods and services.
  6. All participating providers within the network will be evaluated by our members. All comments will be shared with the providers in order to obtain and sustain the best grade possible.
  7. Achieving member satisfaction will secure your networking position and growth within our network.
  8. I do I don’t Worldwide is a web-based network whose objective is to connect members with providers. We enable people and families to receive solution based information and the best services from professionals and businesses, while controlling cost and saving money.
  9. Existing providers in our network know the highest compliment in any business is to give or receive a referral. Participating providers who refer another professional or business to our network will be recognized and rewarded the following way. If your referral buys a Platinum Advertising Package, you will receive 3 months of additional advertising for free. If your referral buys a Gold Advertising Package, you will receive 2 months of additional advertising for free. If your referral buys a Silver Advertising Package, you will receive 1 month of additional advertising for free.
  10. Participating Providers who advocate on behalf of their profession as well as other professions and businesses within I do I don’t Worldwide(s) network, will undoubtedly promote scores of new memberships. This will maintain a stream of new clients and customers eager to utilize your services.
  11. Most importantly, this model of networking will amplify the value placed between professional/business and client/customer.
  12. Today, networks underlie the information reputation systems of many consumer internet companies which in turn create tremendous value.
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